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    Two way ANOVA

    Hi, I have 2 groups ('keypad' and 'touch screen'), and each group has teh number of participants who are 'right ahnded and left handed. For key pad: 45 right handed and 42 left handed For touch screen: 9 right handed and 15 left handed. Can I use a two way ANOVA for this? the number...
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    Likert scale - mean or meadian?

    HI I have some quesitons on Likert scale. I have 9 statements in 1 questionnaire (scale of 1 to 6). My questions are: 1) I want to display teh result in bar I have to use median , is it? or do i need to use mean? am i right? 2) If i want to compare two groups (girls and...
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    Test for normality

    HI, I have a question on my test of normality. I have 1 independant variables (type of maps) if my data is normal, i should be conducting one way anova. I run tess of normality and here what I have: For task 4- Map c (as outlined in red) i have P< it means that it is not...
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    Interaction effects one way ANOVA

    HI, Just wiondering, is it possible to have interaction efefct in one way ANOVA? I think it is a bit not logic but I need confirmation. Thanks! :)
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    factor analysis

    HI, I conducted interviews with 30 people on their perceptions towards Device X. Based on previous literature, the perceptions woud be categorised under 3 factors: Factor A, factor B and Factor C. I've transcribed all the interviews data and roughly I found some additional factors, namely...
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    Eefect size

    Hi.. i have a question on effect size..i get a negative value of effect size..should i report it as an absolute value or a negative value.. and one more thing, if i swapped the means and SD in the effect size calculator,,i get the same value minus the negative do i determine...
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    Effect size for Wilcoxon Signed Rank

    1) i want to calculate the effect size for wilcoxon signed rank (paired sample). I have one group of 10 participants. I know the formula for the effect size is Z/squaroot of N. My question is, does N refer to the numbe of participant (N=10) or should I multiply the number of participant...