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    test for heteroscedasticity in Ordered Probit model?

    hi Anyone knows how to perform a test for heteroscedasticity in a ordered probit model in R? I tried to use bptest(model) and I tried plot(model, which=1), but these comands only seem to work for linear models..! Kind Regards Maria
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    "parallel regression assumption" test r studio

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to do a parallel regression assumption test in Rstudio?
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    Ordered probit model and discret independent variables?

    Hello there If I want to estimate an ordered probit mode,l because my depend varible takes the ordered values 1,2,3 and 4, can I do that if I only have discret explanatory variables? Kind regards M
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    simultaneous causality correction?

    Hi Based on a data set I have to answer whether the use of tele-diagnosis and tele-evaluation by health professionals in Andalusia has a positive impact in their perception of the technology usefulness. I have the variables: dependent variable: useful -how useful is tele-diagnosis and...
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    conditional mean statement

    I have a dataset named bwght which contains the variable "cigs" (cigarattes smoked per day) When I calculate the mean of cigs in the dataset bwght using: mean(bwght$cigs), i get a number 2.08. Only 212 of the 1388 women in the sample smoke (and 1176 does not smoke)...