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    Logistic Regression Model Assessment

    I have run logistic regression on data. The concordant percentage is coming out 45. That is too low. However, Hosmer–Lemeshow test is coming out insignificant. It means we cannot reject the null hypothesis stating model fits the data well. That's good! The ctable also shows 70% of the data...
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    Logistic Regression : Model Validation

    I am validating a logistic regression model. This is the first time i am validating a model. I am using split sampling method. I have split data randomly into two parts - 70% development and 30% validation data sets (70:30). Then i run logistic regression on development data set using SAS and...
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    Predictive Model : Data Type

    Hi Stats Gurus, I am working on a model that predicts gestation period of new hires. By gestation period, i mean the period between they completed their trainings and the time they start working on their first real live project. I have data for gestation period in months. I classified the...