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    How do I normalize the variance of error terms in multinomal logit/probit models?

    Hi, I use a multinomial logit model to analyze a choice experiment with three options. I normalize the coefficient of one of the options, say option three to zero. I do this to set this option as the reference category. Hence, I am left with two options. Now I want to normalize the variance of...
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    R mlogit: How do I interpret marginal effects using absolute or relative type?

    Hi R users, I use effects() to compute the marginal effects of a mlogit model in R. effects(object, covariate = NULL, type = c("aa", "ar", "rr", "ra"), data = NULL,...) Which type ("rr", "aa", "ar", "ra") in effects() should I use when estimating the marginal effects? How do I...
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    R mlogit marginal effects with alternative-invariant variables only

    Hi everyone, can someone explain how to calculate the marginal effects of a multinomial logit model with alternative-invariant variables (e.g. income) only. A similar question was asked here but not answered sufficiently. The calculation works only, if I also include alternative-variant...