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    Small sample and a discussion re: relevant analytical methods

    I have a small sample that I have analyzed with various methods, however I want to have a discussion with smarter people than I if there are additional tests that I have overlooked. Context: I am studying what management practices help employees feel better after a service failure...
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    Chi-square, expected counts & Fischer exact test

    Sitting here with a stat book and some questions are popping up. Chi-square assumes that expected counts are greater than 5. However, in larger tables it is allowed to have up to 20% of expected counts less than 5. What is this 20% of? Is it of the cells in the matrix. For example, in a 2x4...
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    Pearson's chi-test for more than 2x2

    So, I have one stat book (Discovering Statistics by Andy Field; great book) that discusses Pearson's chi-test and how it's only applicable to a 2x2 contingency table with categorical data. The solution is to use the loglinear analysis for larger tables according to Andy. Another book I have...