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    ANOVA? Looking at percentage habitat use (6 different habitats) across four seasons

    Hi, I am trying to look at whether habitat use of 6 different habitat types differs across 4 seasons. I have managed to run ANOVA tests but I'm not convinced this is correct. The code I have been using is as follows; an.aov=aov(Month~Heathland) an.aov summary(an.aov)...
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    Comparing habitat use across two different locations - mann whitney U?

    Hi, I'm really stuck with what test to use with my data. I have data on habitat use of 6 different habitat types across 2 locations and I'm unsure what test is most suitable. I thought initially mann whitney U but this doesn't seem to be working for me. I've attached the table below so you...
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    Comparing habitat use across seasons - what test can I run

    Hi, I've got some data on deer habitat use across 4 seasons and 6 different habitat types. I would like to test whether habitat use differs between the seasons but I can't work out what stats test would be suitable. Is anyone able to help me out? Also - I am unsure whether to use the raw...
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    paired or unpaired?

    Hi, Need some advice, if I'm comparing species abundance in the same location across two different seasons is this paired or non-paired for Mann-Whitney-U? Thanks in advance
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    Link = log code won't work

    Hi, doing a generalised linear model with poisson distribution, here is my model code... model<-glm(carnivore_abundance~altitude_1+dist_stream+canopy_openess+basal_area+dist_large_river,family=poisson,data=main_data) really frustratingly whenever I try to add link=log is doesn't work it...
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    General and generalised linear models

    Hi, I've done a few GLM's with poisson distribution, the code I've used is name<-glm(dependentvariable~independent+independent+independent,family=poisson,data=datset) for some the dependent variable is non-normally distributed so I believe I need to use a generalised linear model. But...
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    Multinomial logistic regression

    Hi, I'm quite new to R and I need a little advise on whether multinomial logistic regression is right for what I'm hoping to do for my data. Basically, I've been given some camera trap data to work with. The data is non-normal and consists of 25 species documented over 30 different trap...