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    Cumulative distribution function (cdf) - empirical vs theoretical ?

    Hello to all, I have a data-set with n = 90, probably follows the gamma distribution. I used the maximum-likelihood estimation (MLE) to estimated the alpha and beta parameters of the gamma distribution using Matlab. My question is What is the best way to test the fit (goodness of fit) of the...
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    Three test (for distribution, mean and variance) between two datasets

    Hi to all, I have two datasets, I pretend to know if these have the same distribution, I use the kolmogorov-smirnov test. I found some researchers that used this test to test the distribution, other test for the mean and other for the variance (three different tests for the the same...
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    Correct metodology to test observations

    Hello to all, I have two datasets of rain measurements, the first observed at the ground level, and the second estimated from satellite radar at same location (pontual data), on daily basis. You can see in attachment the two histograms. I want to check if this two datasets came from the...