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    Estimated Means in GLMM put a group's score as sig higher, but it should be sig lower

    Hi! I ran an experiment where participants took a test of 16 questions, yes/no (binary). They were tested at either 7-days or 28-days - two groups between subjects. Analayzed as subjects, their results for the test are higher at RI-7. RI-7: 5.5 RI-28: 3.6 t-tests confirm that this difference is...
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    GLMM: Main effect cancels interaction effect

    Dear all, I am running a GLMM with a 3-way interaction. When I enter the 3rd variable of Age (young vs old) only within the 3-way intraction, it is highly significant. BUT when I also enter Age as a main effect, the interaction disappears. For clarity, when I run separate GLMMs for young and...