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    Correct for multiple comparisons with two time points and contingent relations

    I have a reviewer of a manuscript requesting corrections for multiple comparisons in a type of analysis that is not correlational or group comparisons and so I am uncertain whether this is appropriate. The analysis is looking at contingencies between two speakers (i.e., the probability that...
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    Factor analysis with nested data

    I would like to perform a factor analysis on survey data for which I have some participants (most actually) who completed multiple surveys based on perceptions of grandparents' role in their child's life. So one parent may have reported on her parents, dad's parents, her grandparents, etc. Data...
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    Calculating Partial Correlation from Published Work

    I am working on a meta-analysis, and I read in a published meta-analysis that the researchers calculated partial correlations controlling for two variables from published studies that did not actually report partial correlations--I'm guessing just the zero-order correlations matrix? I cannot...