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    How to concluded surveyed data to result

    I am working on a survey where I have to prove/diprove my hypothesis. I am seeking this help/guidance since I am getting hard time to related my "multiple-choice" answers in the survey to conclude/related to my hypothesis I have 20 questions and each question have 3-4 answers (5 sometime)...
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    Find correlation when SD and mean are given

    A guy got 88 in his test which has mean score of 64 with SD 8. He missed the second exam in which the meanscore was 45 and SD was 5. He got a prorated marks of 55. The prof used regression to get his second test marks. What was the corelation between 2 exams ? P.S: I would really appreciate...
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    Difference between sample and population

    Now, in this case, will the given data for each group considered as sample or population ? I want to calculate SD, MD and Variance and i am getting confuse shall i consider it as a population or sample.