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    I did a test of normality in STATA on my dependent variable. The rest was significant thus violations of normality. After taking the log, there is still violation of normality. What is the next step to take?
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    SPSS: transforming variables?

    I am doing a single linear regression and multiple regression, but I have a question about my independent variable. My independent variables (X) are between 0 and 100. Some of my hypothesizes is that "A high X will lead to a lower Y" High X = value above fifty to hundred and Low x =...
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    Input data (data view)

    Hi I have a question about SPSS. This might sound really stupid though. I have to run a regression, but prior to that, I have to check for correlation in SPSS. The correlation is between my independent variables AND my independent variables on my dependent variables. I know where to find...