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    Continuity Corrections

    Continuity corrections are neither continuous, nor correct. Discuss.
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    barnards exact test 2xk

    what is the extension of barnards exact test for 2x2 to 2xk table (ie more than two treatment arms)? In other words: Is there name for unconditional version of fisher exact-test for 2xk? Or does that not make sense.... thanks!
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    rank sums, exact distribution

    Is there an easy way to compute the exact distribution of rank sums with say, n, n1 = n2 = n/2 in each group? for example with n=4: ranks 1, 2, 3, 4 you could get group1 has 1 + 2 = 3, or 2 + 3 = 5... Obviously there will be (n chose n1) distinct ranks, but some of the sums will be...
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    I have ascertained that spaghetti is much better with sauce atop the noodles, and not blended in. Q: what type of degenerate mixed noodles with sauce?
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    significant digits

    do statistics have significant digits, in the sense used in chemistry and other sciences, or is it just 'rounding conventions'?
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    30 second rule?

    i notice you have to wait like 30 secnods between posts. In todays fast paced world, i often need to post at much greater rate than this, maybe reduce time?
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    Misspecified linear model, interpretation of slope

    Suppose you fit a simple linear regression when the data actual follow some sort of sigmoid, 4 parm logisitc or similar. To what extent is the following statement true/false: "The estimated slope of the simple linear regression is the average slope of the sigmoid" Seems intuitively true...
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    Im increasingly addicted to this forum, i like seeing the perspectives on things. I work mostly in biostats and epidemiology on and off. Bonjourno!