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    GFI over 1 when comparing groups for measurement inequivalence in Lisrel?

    Just a simple question regarding GFI when comparing groups in Lisrel - I thought GFI should be between 0 and 1 where 1 would mean perfect fit. How come do I get results over 1 when comparing groups (measurement inequivalence; LX=IN)? Is then 1.08 "same" goodness-of-fit as 0,92? Here is the...
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    Lisrel not drawing fitted covariance matrices

    Hi, I'm trying to get residual analysis in Lisrel 9.30 student edition but no matter where in "OU" line I put "RS" option, it doesn't output it. Even if I use option "ALL" for the output (and it does impact the output), there is no fitted covariance matrix in output. Was that removed in V9, is...