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    What's the difference between all the time series procs?

    I'm kind of curious as to specific differences in the all of the many time series procedures in SAS. I know, for instance, there is PROC ARIMA, PROC FORECAST, PROC TIMESERIES, PROC X12/X11......... I know there is a document ( that someone...
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    Markov Decision Process package?

    Hello all: I posted a similar question in the SAS forum (asking if SAS had the capabilities of doing some type of Markov Decision Process). Since I am not convinced that it does (there is a PROC MCMC but I do not think it is technically for the Markov Decision Process, just the Markov Chain)...
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    ods pdf: adding blank pages with text only

    Hello all, I am creating a large PDF document in SAS using the ODS PDF abilities. I would like to add a blank page that says in very large print "THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK" or something of the sort. I basically just need to know how to insert a blank page between outputs and be able...
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    proc power onewayanova

    Nevermind, I was not getting any responses :(
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    When to assume Normality

    I am working with a rather large sample (approximately 120). Typically, I would not have any issues justifying normality due to the large sample size and that the Central Limit Theorem would allow me to make that justification. However, of the 120 or so samples, there are about 8 extreme...