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    Z-test for comparing two estimator values?

    Dear statistics community, My supervisor asked me to compare values of Pohar Perme estimator of net survival in two regions of the country using Z-test. Am I right that we cannot use Z-test for comparing these estimator values? Pohar Perme estimator of net survival is defined in the paper...
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    Durbin-Watson bound dU>2.0

    Hello. I was wondering, how to interpret bounds of Durbin-Watson test (dU, dL) if dU is greater than 2.0. I know that it is an extreme case, but just want to know... For example, if n=13 and k=8 than dU=3.182, dL=0.090. 4-dU=0.818, 4-dL=3.91... Does it mean that between 0.090 and 3.190 test...