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    Are the parametric analyses appropriate?

    In an experimental study, the aesthetic value (independent var) of a picture is manipulated into (low and high quality). "Low Quality" -- to make it look less appealing; and "High Quality" to make it look "very attractive." I want to examine the effect of "Low" and "High" Quality images on the...
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    Examine the effect of one independent var

    Hi, I want to examine the effect of still images (independent var) with two levels (monochromatic and multi-color) on mood perception (dependent var) of participants. What is the appropriate analysis I must conduct in this case? Furthermore, I conduct a regression analysis to examine the...
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    What type of ANOVA test should I do?

    The same participants are exposed to two different screen sizes 27" (stimulus A) and screen size 9.7" (stimulus B). Independent var is "screen" with two levels - sizes. After exposure to stimulus A, they fill two questionnaires to answer dependent variables Y1 and Y2. After that, they are...
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    compare groups and examine relationships

    Hi, 1.I am planning to examine the level of user engagement of participants playing a particular computer game, that has two versions, one in color and the other one in black and white. I understand that I can conduct a one way-within subject test ANOVA to compare the means of the two groups...
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    Likert Scale - Not Applicable Option

    I have the following scales: 1 (Strongly Disagree); 2 (Disagree); 3 (Not Applicable); 4 (Agree); 5 (Strongly Agree); Questionnaire responses: Question Item1: 2; Question Item2: 3; Question Item3: 1; Question Item4: 1; Question Item5: 4; If I need to average the above responses...
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    F-value (ANOVA)

    Hello, May I know what does the F-Value in ANOVA implies? Thanks:)