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    Stress levels in work shifts

    Thanks. Another person suggested Friedman's test, but I'm not sure what to go with. Can you offer clarification as to why GLMM would be better? Friedman certainly looks easier to carry out.
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    Stress levels in work shifts

    Hello I'm interested in the effects of shift type on the workers' stress. In my study, I'm following the stress during a three-week period during which the participants have varying patterns of morning, day, or evening shifts and days off. Estimating the effects of particular shift types on...
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    Creating date variable from two separate variables

    Hi all Is it possible to use Syntax to create a date variable (format dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm) from two variables 'date' and 'time' that contain said information in format dd-mm-yyyy and hh:mm, respectively? I have a large dataset so doing it all manually is not the preferred option.
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    Combining data

    Hello, I have two datasets and would like to add data from variable 'newvar', included in dataset Y, to dataset X. The data from 'newvar' would have to be in matching rows determined by a variable 'row_number'. The tables would look like something like this, but with such a large amount of data...