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    How to interpret a standardized multiple regression coefficient

    How can I write an interpretation of the standardized multiple regression equation for both Age of Child and Number of Siblings in this model: ToM^ = 0.68TELD – 0.11Age + 0.45Siblings The dependent variable is Theory of Mind ̧ and the three independent variables are TELD (Test of Early...
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    Why does a larger sample size produce a smaller p-value?

    Hi, I need help with this problem... The obtained p value for a correlation analysis is .036, for a sample size is 50. If the analysis had been undertaken with n = 90, and the same sample correlation value was again observed, what would be the relative size of the p value for the second...
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    Interpreting an unstandardized partial regression coefficient

    Hi, anyone know what two equivalent interpretations of the below unstandardized partial regression is? Y^MathsValue = -7.31-0.27XAnxiety + 0.52XSelfCon + 0.09XM_Attitude + 0.15XF_Attitude where the DV is Perceived Value of Maths (MATHSVALUE) and the four IVs are Maths Anxiety (ANXIETY)...