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  1. Jennifer Murphy

    Help understanding Excel's PercentRank.Inc vs .Exc

    In the olden days, Excel had just one PercentRank function. It now has 2: PercentRank.Inc (replaces PercentRank) and PercentRank.Exc. I understand how they work. I do not understand why they work the way they do and why I would use one vs the other. This MVP says that the old function and the...
  2. Jennifer Murphy

    How to compare ratings from different sites?

    Is there a formula that I can use to compare ratings from different sites? Let's say I am looking for someone to remodel a bathroom. If I search for bathroom remodelers, I find ratings from Yelp, Google, Houzz, Home Adviser, Angi, and others. Most of these give an Amazon-style 5-star rating and...
  3. Jennifer Murphy

    Stay logged in not working for me

    Am I doing something wrong? Everytime I log in, I check the "Stay Logged In" box, but when I come back, it tells me I need to log in again.
  4. Jennifer Murphy

    Is there an asymetric Normal distribution with end points?

    Is there a distribution like a Normal distribution, but finite, that has a settable min, max, and mean? For example, a distribution with a mean of 65 and no values below 0 or above 100? If it also has a settable std dev, great. I'd like to be able code code it in an Excel function that will...