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    Creating an index to rank a list of companies based on how many areas they invest in

    I have a list of companies and 10 possible areas of investment for each of the companies. I would like to create an index to rank the companies based on the areas they invest in. More areas of investment would mean a higher index number. What would be a meaningful way to go about this. I thought...
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    Hypothesis tests of population proportions

    I have been given a question similar to the following - In a sample of 1000 voters, 48% voted for candidate A and 26% voted for candidate B. There has been a claim that the number of people who voted for candidate A is more than 50% higher than the people who voted for candidate B. I have been...
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    Do I need to rescale variables to compare coefficients.

    I'm running a regression analysis. My "Y" variable is Yearly_Spend while my "X" variables are Time_Spent (on website in minutes) and Length (of membership in years). Right now my results show Years has a bigger impact on Yearly_Spend. Do get a true apples to apples comparison of the...
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    Different coefficients from regression and trendline equation

    @noetsi I am actually learning R right now. It just takes me a while to google the right code lol.
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    Different coefficients from regression and trendline equation

    Thanks @katxt The first two options worked. First option had R-squared of 80% while the second option had R-squared of 40%. The last two options did not work because the log of some of the x values resulted in 0 and excel did not produce an equation.
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    Different coefficients from regression and trendline equation

    @katxt yes it should be ln(y). I guess since I added a logarithmic trend line, excel thinks my 'x' variable is in log form. I'm not sure if I can indicate that 'y' is in log form.
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    Different coefficients from regression and trendline equation

    I have two variables 'x' and 'y'. I took the natural log of the 'y' variable and then plotted the ln(y) vs x on a scatterplot in excel. I added a logarithmic trendline which seems to fit perfectly. The line equation is y = 1.1282*ln(x) + 12.183 with an R-Squared of 89%. However when I run the...
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    How do I analyze data to find points where there is a "significant" increase in the "y" variable.

    I am looking at the relationship between two variables 'x' and 'y'. What analysis do I perform if I had the following question. "At what point in the 'x' variable is there a significant change in the 'y' variable". Say for example, say my 'x' variable ranges from 1 - 10, and I want to be able to...