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    inter and intra rater reliability

    I am doing a reliability study during which we had 2 individuals take 6 different measurements using a custom tool. Each of the 6 measurements was repeated 10 times. Now I would like to see if each person was consistent time after time (10 trials) among each of the 6 measures. I would also like...
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    regression for ordinal data?

    Hi All, I am looking at data showing injury to intervertebral discs. Injuries are graded on a 4 point scale with 0 being no damage and 3 being maximum damage. What we seeing is that when there is an injury at one disc, there seems to be an injury in the proximal disc. What we are trying to...
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    Plot for multiple regression

    Hi All, I have a very basic question. When I run a regression to predict Y from X, I basically draw a scatterplot in excel. I am wondering how something like that would work when I want to predict Y from X1 AND X2? I am not sure what the best way to plot this relationship. Any...