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    Reg ex Question

    Hi! I have a string, that follows a predictable format, and I'm looking to replace certain characters in it. Please see below. Any help is appreciated. > have <- "_a _a_1 _a_2 _a_3" > have [1] "_a _a_1 _a_2 _a_3" What I need to do is remove the initial underscore in each space delimited...
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    Set operations/Anti_join

    Hi all, I'm trying to accomplish a set of tasks that involve set operations/joins. I'm able to solve a bit of this using packages from the Tidyverse. I can't figure out if there's a nicer way to do the last task, please below. The first task is self-explanatory. I have 3 vectors, and I'm...
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    Sums of Brownian Motions

    Hi all, I'm working through a textbook on SP and I'm trying to do some of the exercises. Here's the question followed by my attempt at a solution. For a standard brownian motion started at x=-3, find P(X1 + X2 > -1) Let Y = X1+X2 We want P(Y > -1) Finding the distribution of Y: E(Y) =...
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    Escape Characters?

    Hi all, I'll attempt to explain what I'm running into though unfortunately I don't have a reproducible example. I'm attempting to load a custom font into R (done) to build a plot using ggplot (done). I'm doing this on Windows 10 if that matters. The font is an emoji-based font...
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    Iterating in R

    Hi all, I want to perform a set of data management tasks that involves the following: -Input a data frame with an arbitrary number of columns, and column names, of numeric type. -Check each value (i.e. entry) to see if it meets a condition -If it does, replace the value so as an example: the...
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    ANOVA or Poisson Regression

    Hi all, I want to get some feedback on the approaches I've considered for an analysis. Here is the setup Unit of analysis: Physician Variables: Physician Specialty, Number of Total Patients they take care of, Number of patients who are diabetic. A typical line of data looks like this...
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    R package development

    Hi! I'm attempting to write an R package based on some functions I wrote. I think I have everything down but I've ran into a road block I'm hoping you can help with. I'm using R-Studio, R 3.4.4 and roxygen to do my bidding. I'm trying to run a check (--as-cran) and both of my functions (dsr.R...
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    Algorithms for Spawning in Multiplayer games

    Hi! I've been thinking a lot about how video games such as Call of Duty or (any multiplayer game) might determine where to re-spawn you if you are killed in a match. I'm not sure what statistical or machine learning techniques could be applied. This is all very crude, but let me give you a...
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    R function parameter question

    Hi all, I had a quick question about functions in R. I'm wondering how to take the value of a parameter and use it inside ggplot AES. Here's a description. I have a simple function that will take an input data set with pairs of x and y variables. The data set might also have multiple by...
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    Hi all, Happy new years! I'm looking to gather information on etiquette and best practices (hell, even an introduction) on how to use Git hub properly. I recently signed up to post a comment about a bug in an R package and I'm just looking for any tips. Best,
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    Anova? Chi-square?

    Hi, I've been asked to analyze some data and I wanted to get a second opinion on the way I plan to. I have a sample of 8000 teachers. For each teacher, I have their Teaching Specialty, Total Number of Nights they worked and Total number of day-time days they worked, following working the...
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    Graphs, Funnel Plots, suggestions?

    Hi! I'm trying to display some data, let me describe it to you. I have a group of about 5000 teachers. For each teacher, I have the rate of passing students (calculated by the total number of passes / total number trials) over a years period. For each teacher, I have the associated...
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    An IRC Channel

    Just throwing it out there, what do you guys think about one for talkstats?