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    Confidence limits of chance

    I am looking to determine the confidence interval of chance for a three class problem. I know i need to use binomial test, but am not sure that all my values are correct. Number of samples per class = 60 per class. I want the value for alpha = 0.05 (so the 95% CI) I believe it would be from...
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    Mixed models can variable be both fixed and random

    I am conducting an analysis over multiple subjects over several sessions with two types of controls. I want to conduct a mixed model analysis to see if there is a difference with respect to control type. This is what i have so far: I have session nested in subject. Accuracy= dependent variable...
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    Determine how much data is required by determining when graph levels out

    I have a bunch of graphs for data that I have collected in my last experiment. The graphs are usually shaped similar to either exponential curves or upside down exponential curves with noise and they level out over time. I was wondering how I can determine the amount of data that needs to be...