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    Proc Mixed effect interpretation

    Hello, I am analyzing an experiment in which we tested the effect of different treatments on trauma. So, for example, blood pressure (and other parameters) is followed in animals exposed to trauma and treated in different ways. I am using the Proc mixed procedure to analyze my data with...
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    Fisher's exact test - 2x1 versus 2x2 contingency table

    Hello everyone, I am having a problem comparing proportions between groups. My problem: A mouse can enter door A or B. I have two groups. In group 1, 90% of mice enter door A, in group 2, 55% of mice enter door A. I want to test whether there is a difference in the proportions of entering...
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    How to plot non-parametric data with multiple time points?

    Hello, I analyzed some physiologic data (blood electrolyte levels etc) which was fairly skewed, so I used Kruskal-Wallis to test for differences between groups. I originally plotted the mean and SD, but I learned that plotting the median is more suitable with skewed data. My question is...