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    Binomial Distribution

    A company starts a fund of M dollars from which it pays $1000 to each employee who achieves high performance during the year. The probability of each employee achieving this goal is 0:10 and is independent of the probabilities of the other employees doing so. If there are n = 10 employees...
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    Negative Binomial Distribution? NEED ADVICE AND HELP!!!!

    Assume City A has three parties, Party B, Party C, and Party D, with n1, n2, n2 citizens in them, respectively. Assume, for people in B, they will always support the motion by the government, while, for people in C, they will always be against the government. However, those in D will support the...
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    Need advice writing SAS programs to read datas

    4. The following table lists 3 personnel records of a company. Staff ID Birthday Monthly Salary A123 4 March 1989 8,600 A037 23 June 1957 21,450 M015 19 September 1976 17,500 Staff id number has the format...