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    Finding a Plan B for my analysis

    Hello My question relates to health psychology study. I’m measuring self-assessed wellness at two timepoints (6 months apart). At the first timepoint, I’m also measuring some ‘personal factors' (6 self-assessment questionnaires, e.g what they think about their health). I’m looking to see...
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    How to calculate the age range of participants in a published study?

    Hello there I've have read some published papers which related to psychological interventions in health care settings. I want to exclude the papers that include participants aged over 65, but many of the papers only tell me that participants were aged "18+". Is there a way to calculate the...
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    Reporting Degrees of Freedom from SPSS output

    Hello there Is there a simple rule to follow, in order to know which of the numbers in the df column to report on, when looking for the df? I have looked in my two textbooks and online, but it is not clear to me. Help appreciated. Thank you Boon