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    Confidence Intervals. Why Just One Sample?

    A typical problem in a Stat Textbook for creating a confidence Interval sounds like this: A sample of 50 blood pressures is taken and the sample has a mean of 120 with a standard deviation of 5. Construct a 95% confidence interval. What troubles me is that only one sample is enough. Intuitively...
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    Correlation Project

    How does this sound for a project? Cost of non-organic food products vs. cost of same organic food products. What items should be included in the project aside from where, when, how was data collected, value of r, regression equation, scatterplot?
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    How To Test A Distribution For Normalcy

    I'm looking for Visual Basic source code that will, after entering the data of a distribution, test that distribution for being normal or 'almost' normal. Alternatively, I am looking for step by step instructions for such a test, so that I will be able to create the source code myself. Thanks.
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    T-Test with Chi-Square

    Is the t-test always used with chi-square?