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    Need help with logarithmic equation

    Hi, I have some time pressure to complete this equation and find x. Any help is hugely appreciated. Picture attached.
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    Sobel test in STATA with survey data

    Hi, I am trying to run a Sobel test for mediation on a panel database to test for significance of indirect effects in a mediation. My regress code looks like svy: nbreg DV Mediator Predictor Ive seen the “sgmediation” command created by Phil Ender, but it does not work with -svy-...
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    Accounting for other variables when looking for main effects (regression)

    I am doing a negative binomial regression, to look for interactions between categorical and continuous predictors. I am currently reporting main effects for both predictors, but am wondering whether I should account for the other predictor when doing so. So, if lang2 & BDCSBI are the...
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    Reporting a significant interaction

    Hi! I am struggling on how to report a significant categorical x continuous interaction, which I found using a negative binomial regression. I have posted the output from STATA below. So far, I have said something along the lines of, "there was a significant lang2 by emotdys3 interaction term...
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    One significant interaction out of many

    So I am in the process of interpreting a set of results. I conducted 6 regression analyses to determine if a variable acts as a moderator. One of the 6 interaction terms was significant. Should I attempt to rationalise this in terms of theory, or should I argue that the hypotheses were not met...
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    Interpreting strange results

    So effectively I have two variables, language problems, and emotional problems, both of which independently cause an increase in a third variable, which is behaviour problems. I hypothesized that high emotional problems would significantly moderate the relationship between language problems and...
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    Coding for control variables in Stata 14 in linear regression?

    Hi - I need to control for two variables in my linear regression, the code thus far is; sort dde2 by dde2: regress sustain I have two mediator variables or control variables, gender and ses and I need to remove their effects. Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Regression for comparing two groups on one variable? And t-test with survey data?

    Hi - I have two populations / groups that I need to compare on one variable. Now usually I would use a t-test or anova but ive been told that these are unable to be used with survey data in stata. Is this correct advice - can I not use a t-test or anova in stata with survey data? And would a...
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    2x2x3 Anova, what will it tell me?

    Hi - I would like to compare the means of a DV (emotional intelligence) between three different variables, those being; 1) Gender (are the emotional intelligence scores between males and females significantly different etc. etc.) 2) Group (again with two levels - one group with a disability...
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    Which analysis to choose? Urgent

    Hi, any help is greatly appreciated. I have data from the same children at ages 4, 7 and 11 for a variable (self-regulation) created from a questionnaire. The data for this variable is numbers from 1-4 (the mean of their scores from the questionnaire). I need to compare the differences...
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    Please help! Should i use a Mixed ANOVA?

    I am struggling on which type of ANOVA to use for my work, I will provide as many details below about the study design, at the moment I am thinking mixed ANOVA but im encountering some problems which suggest that I have chosen the wrong type. I have two groups, one with a particular defect...