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    SPSS significance test between two categorical variable and one nominal DV

    Hi experts, I have two IV: Gender + Age. Gender: Male, Female Age: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors DV: Appointment: 0 = no-show, 1 = show I already did a multivariate logistic regression between the IV's and the DV. They are significant with each other. ... Now what I want to do...
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    Binary Logistic regression - Interaction containing more than 2 groups

    Hello, I am running an Interaction which contains more than two groups, for example, the day of the week (monday, tuesday and so on). When this Interaction is created with another IV (covariate), should this day_of_the_week variable be set as categorical? I looked online, a lot of blogs...
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    [SPSS - Binary logistic test - Interaction (moderator) ]

    DV: dichotomous (0 = show, 1 = no-show) IV (covariates): Geslacht = Gender dvd_week = Day of the week Gender (0 = females, 1 = males) --> Indicator(first) dvd_week = (1 = monday, 2 = tuesday, ... , 7 = sunday) --> indicator(first) Interaction (moderator): dvd_week * geslacht...