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    Sampling Behavior of a count

    Undercoverage is a problem that occurs in surveys when some groups in the population are underrepresented in the sampling frame used to select the sample. We can check for undercoverage by comparing the sample with known facts about the population. a) Suppose we take an SRS of n= 500 people...
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    Descriptive Statistics

    You are conducting a 2(gender) x 2(treatment group) analysis to study smoking as an outcome variable (yes,no). At the very least, what kind of descriptive statistics mentioned below, would you provide in a table after testing the association between smoking status and gender or treatment group...
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    Pearsons Correlation, Two-way ANOVA, Linear Regression Test, Chi-Square Test or None

    During research, you have asked your participants whether or not they have ever experienced financial difficulties (yes or no). You have three age-groups (16-20; 21-25; 26-30), and you predict that those in the 26-30 group have a greater risk of experiencing financial difficulties than those who...