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    Grouping data segments and applying % modifiers to maximise output

    I'm trying to determine the best way to approach an optimization problem, but have been struggling to determine what statistical methods are appropriate. I've search for a few hours and nothing seems to click as an accurate approach. I have a day of data, broken down into hourly segments. For...
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    Bayesian AB Testing - Minimum Sample Size

    I've used python to analyse data from AB tests using Bayesian analysis, and for all tests I assume no prior knowledge and so set alpha = beta = 1. However I'm finding some odd results at low data volumes, which I thought was my code, but I'm also seeing here...
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    A/B/C Conversion Optimisation

    Hi All, I'm trying to understand the process behind testing both A/B site changes for statistically significant increases in conversion rate, and also how then to expand this to testing multiple variables. My understanding is that this is a binomial distribution (n=visits, p=conversion...