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    where can i find the U.S cpi prices?

    The methodology and product list is located at I don't know of any list that shows the current prices used for each line item, but you can check and you might get lucky.
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    Are you saying your entire population is in a single SPSS data file? And you want to pull samples from that? If so, why would you want to do that? Can you explain more?
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    Likert analysis of survey data

    You cannot use a t-test for yes/no questions. If you asked people how many hours they spent online, then you could use a t-test. A t-test is not appropriate or meaningful for yes/no questions. But the analysis you posted looks more like Likert questions. I'm not sure how you get Likert results...
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    Likert analysis of survey data

    A couple of thoughts... You haven't given us enough info to be able to point you in the right direction. What are your groups? Who did you ask? If you asked both social media users AND non-users, you could use a chi square test to compare the two groups. There are other possibilities as well...
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    You don't use a t-test with nominal and ordinal data. You appear to be trying to compare groups of people on a yes/no or likert scale. Try a chi square not a t-test. T-test is not the right approach.
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    How to JOINTLY perform multiple imputation with normal dataset and multiple response sets in SPSS? And right kind of Cluster analysis for binary data?

    Start by combining your various data into a single place. You can do this in either Excel or SPSS. I suggest Excel. Use the "Combine Worksheets" wizard. (You may need to install the add-in if it is not already installed.) You can also use Syntax do accomplish this in SPSS but it is more complex...
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    How to analyze a Vignette study in SPSS

    You might want to look into logistical regression.
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    Creating date variable from two separate variables

    Actually, Sukaldi, this is the SPSS forum. I'm not very good with syntax, but the following will accomplish what you need: COMPUTE NEW_VAR = DateVariableName + TimeVariableName. EXECUTE. Then go into the Variable View tab and select the new variable. Give it a new name, change the type to...
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    Need help to decide which statistical test to use

    I believe a two-way ANOVA would work in that case.
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    Scorecard logic for measuring performance of managers

    Then it sounds to me like you're describing is actually an efficiency rating -- yes? You could simply compare the average number of hours/days/weeks/etc. needed to complete each task successfully. If the tasks really are all equally difficult, then that would be an easy comparison that will make...
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    Scorecard logic for measuring performance of managers

    I guess I don't understand the question. Why do you not simply report each one as having an 80% on-time completion rate? (I assume in your real data they have different completion rates.)