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    Which stats test to use?

    Hi I have two lists (for example), as follows: 1: Horses 2: Houses 3: Cars 4: Cats 5: Bananas 6: Shovels 7: Boats 8: Sheep 9: Forks 10: Spoons 1: Cats 2: Cars 3: Houses 4: Forks 5: Spoons 6: Shovels 7: Horses 8: Boats 9: Bananas 10: Sheep The two orderings have...
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    Stats test to compare sports leagues tables

    Hi I want to generate a sports league table using two different methods. I think I will end up with the teams in different positions and I want to determine if the two tables are statistically different. Is that possible? I have been looking at Spearman correlation or the Kendall tau, but...