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    Mediation question

    You do not have a significant direct effect (LLCI and ULCI cross 0), however there is a significant indirect effect (LLCI and ULCI do not cross 0). I would encourage you to re-run the same analysis but under 'options' choose to obtain the Sobel Test. Sobel's test is a specialized test that will...
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    What model should I use?

    This may be something that you have to use HLM for (hierarchical linear modeling, nested models). I say HLM because you it sounds as if you are trying to predict change over time (change at each time period, measured from baseline). Note: SPSS does not do hierarchical linear modeling/nested...
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    effect size

    An effect size is a quantitative measure of something, and in the context of psychological research they go with p-values in NHST. An effect size is based on the power of your statistical test, and in psychology they encourage reporting an effect size. The effect size basically says 'There is a...
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    Which Variables to use for Repeated Measures ANOVA? (in R)

    Be careful with that last one. If you state that your highest value is the one you were looking for, you run the risk of readers or committee members viewing it as HARKing (Hypothesizing After Results Known). Provided it is worded correctly and your analyses are set up and interpreted in a way...
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    Excel 95 % confidence interval

    My guess would be the second option. Excel calculates confidence intervals for you though, check out this article:
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    Item Response Theory (IRT) and Response Time (Millisecond)

    Possibly. My understanding of IRT is a bit limited, so forgive me if I get off track. You may be able to approach the research such that people who respond to the tests in a particular way are expected to have a certain response time. The response time may be indicative of a neuropsychological...
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    Appropriate Statistical Test to use?

    Pretty sure this is a repeated measures design. Check in to repeated measures ANOVA, it may be your best bet.
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    Which Variables to use for Repeated Measures ANOVA? (in R)

    This is going to be difficult to interpret I think. My concern would be multicollinearity with the data because of all the emotions measured. However, it's not impossible. What type of rating do you have for the 'correct emotion'? I think you need a comparison scale to compare your scores to if...
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    Negative values in a Pattern Matrix after Exploratory Factor Analysis

    Hi there, Negative loadings can mean a few things. First, you should consider whether or not the questions make sense and are theoretically grounded and you can justify keeping the question(s) in the final scale. Sometimes questions can take away from the overall scale and 'make things worse'...
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    Hypothetical Change in Independent Variable

    Hello everyone, I am trying to assess change in an independent variable based on a regression model. Basically I am trying to predict sales from the percentage of calls; at Baseline I predicted sales from percentage of calls and obtained a model. My next goal is to create a trend analysis of...