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    Sample Size Calculation/power calcuation for retrospective study

    Hi all, I recently completed a study looking at hospital records over a 5 year period (fixed population of participants based on study period). We looked at 'blood transfusion' as a binary measure (didn't receive a transfusion = 0, did receive a transfusion = 1) between three groups...
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    Do i use an ANCOVA for a cross over of exams, pre/post study?

    I have a study i am running and would like to know the appropriate test to apply, its complicated but bear with me :) Background: We are looking at assessing the effect a series of optional tutorials delivered during a semester has on test scores in a cohort of students. There will be a...
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    How to calculate sample size and effect size for comparing means from two groups

    Hi all, hoping i can find some answers here for a bit of a problem i am having regarding a sample size calculation for a study I am soon to conduct. The population size is 64 and fixed. 32 control and 32 intervention. No drop outs will occur in this trial. There will be a pre (baseline) test...