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    Molding Time in SAS

    How can I build a time variable into my model? I am building a model in SAS and I want to use time of day as a way to predict Y. "Are people more willing to pay for something based on what time of day it is?" I expect people are more willing to pay for something at different parts of the day...
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    Day of Week (Mon-Sun) Modeling in SAS

    Hello, If I am trying to explain Y using the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc) in SAS. can I simply convert each day to a numerical form? For example: Monday = 1 Tuesday = 2 Wednesday = 3 Thursday = 4 Friday = 5 Saturday = 6 Sunday = 7
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    Normal Distribution & possible Standard Deviation error

    I have collected final sales data for over 12,000 sales of a single particular item. The prices range from $0.01 to a little over $4.00. I calculate a mean of $0.60. My problem is my standard deviation is $0.58. That doesn't make sense to me. If I move 2sd to the left I am at a negative number...