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    Post Hoc test for Fisher's exact test

    Hello everyone! I have performed a Fisher's exact test (5X3 tables) and I have found statistically significant differences in my groups. How can I find out in which groups significant differences were found? Is there any post hoc test I can perform? Thank you deeply in advance!
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    Mann Whitney U: can mean ranks be used along with medians in similarly shaped distrib

    Dear TalkStatsers, I would be deeply grateful if you could help me with a simple question I have!!! From what I have read about Mann Whitney U, it is crucial for the reporting of the results to know whether your two distributions (i.e., the distribution of scores for both groups of the...
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    Trouble with creating boxplots

    Hello everyone! I want to visually inspect whether I have a similarly shaped distribution in a question having a scale dependent variable and a 3-group categorical (nominal) independent variable. For that reason, I am trying to create a boxplot on spss v.23 but I am presented with the graph...
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    associations and correlation VS Group differences

    Hello to all Talk Stats members! I would really appreciate your help on an issue that's really troubling me... In a previous post of mine I talked about the following likert type question I have in my questionnaire; "How would you evaluate new technologies in your life?" (1: entirely negative...
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    How to do a bonferroni correction after Kruskal Wallis H

    Hello everyone! My knowledge in statistics being very poor, I would like to ask for your valuable help! Wanting to check any differences between the anwers given in a 5-point likert type question measuring attitudes towards new technologies and the years of service of teachers (0-5 / 6-10 /...
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    Which test to use except x2 for nominal variables

    Dear TalkStatsers, I've been puzzling my head all weekend as to what statistical test I should use for the following question; "Who do you think is better in Mathematics?" A. Male students B. Female students C. There is no differentiation according to gender I started by using a x2...
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    Doing Parametric Tests without normal distribution

    Hello everyone! Is it true that when your sample is more than 30 people, you can do parametric tests, even though your sample may not follow the normal distribution? In my research I have 400 people as a sample, not following normal distribution and someone told me that I can do parametric...
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    Which test in Spss is appropriate for my case

    In my questionnaire I had the 5 scale likert type question “How whould you evaluate new technologies?” (1: entirely negative, 2: relatively negative, 3: neutral, 4: relatively positive, 5: entirely positive). My sample was 400 people (selected with a non-probability procedure) of which none...