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    Odds ratios and correlations

    Hi, I am having trouble interpreting some results from SPSS. My DV is physical function and my IV is Age. Although there is a negative linear relationship for age and physical function (suggesting as age increases, physical function decreases) However, the Odds Ratio for Age is 0.983 (suggesting...
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    ROC Curve

    Hi, when running a ROC curve on SPSS and entering the 'Value of State Variable', is this the value for the variable that we hope to be able to predict? Or the opposite? For example, I have a binary DV: Frail (1) and Healthy (2). If I want to be able to predict Frailty, do I enter 1 or 2 in the...
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    Correlating variable added to logistic regression changes significant predictors

    Hi, when I added a new correlating variable with my DV to the logistic regression model (which wasn't in itself a significant predictor), it changed one of the previously significant predictors to a non-significant predictor. Is this a limitation of a regression model? Does anyone have a good...
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    Logistic regression equation for calculating participant risk scores

    I was hoping you could help me in how I can generate a participant risk score from the logistic regression equation to calculate a ROC curve? Thanks!
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    Please help! Am I using the right SPSS statistical test?

    Hello, I am looking into a study comparing isometric-eccentric contractions vs eccentric contractions for a knee condition. Please advise on a statistical test(s) you think should be used to compare these two IVs against the outcome of the DV? I will be testing the DV at baseline, 3, 6 & 12...