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    comparing coefficient of variation for multiple samples

    I have three sets of data sets each 10 to 20 data points. I want to test if the coefficient of variation is the same across all the sets. Please suggest relevant methods. I came across papers by Cabras(2006) and Amiri(2010). One, they look at comparing only two samples and two, my knowledge...
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    AMOS graphics arrow length of unique variable

    Am using AMOS for the first time today. When I added the unique variable to an item, the arrow length (on left and right side) is extremely long and goes outside the paper. The arrow length is perfect when the unique variable is put on top and bottom of the item. How do I resize the arrow length?
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    Two sample test from same table

    I have a table with 3 columns - the respondent serial number, the gender (male / female) and the height. I want to test if the males are taller than the females. How can I do this in R?
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    Hypothesis test of proportion from a table

    I have a column with 50 data points regarding gender of the respondent (male or female). Is there a direct way to calculate if the number of males in the dataset is significantly more than number of females? I can calculate the number of males and females and then use prop.test. But is there...