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    bootstrapping correlations Spearman vs. Pearson

    I would like to calculate simple correlations. Since my sample size is quite small and data are not normally distributed I thought about Spearman’s correlations. Then I read about bootstrapping as a distribution free method and, considering my small sample size, I decided to use it with...
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    planned comparisons - contrast coefficients - trends

    Hello! I’m going to conduct planned comparisons with contrast analysis in ANOVA. In particular I am interested in trend analysis. The problem is that I have n=11 groups and I suppose that my trend is quadratic. What are the contrast coefficients for 11 groups? Is there any universal...
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    df fot BETA t-test in ANCOVA

    Hi All, Perhaps this would be a silly question but, in ANCOV, what is the DF for t-test value for a covariate BETA coefficient calculated across all compared groups (i.e. beta like in a regression between covariate and DV but in ancova). Spss and Statistica give only t and p values but...
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    von Neumann test for trend analysis

    Hi! Recently, I’ve come across von Neumann test for trend detection. I cannot find whether it has any particular assumptions – any info (as well as references) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers mcdomell
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    multiple regression categorical variable and different slopes

    Hi All, I’m trying to run multiple regression with 2 independent variables and one categorical variable (two levels: male vs. female). The problem is that the interaction between categorical variable and 2 independent variables is significant and therefore I need to use GLM and build a...