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    Ordinal DV correlation analysis

    I am working on a project to analyze the frequency of use of public transit by an individual. However, One of my output variable "Frequency of use " is an ordinal scale with the 4 different categories: often, sometimes, rarely, never. I have treated this variable on a numerical scale with 1-...
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    Data input- ordered logistic regression

    Hello, I am trying to analyze the relationship between mode familiarity and Technology & demographic characteristics. So I have an ordinal dependent variable and binary, ordinal, continuous and nominal variable as independent variables. My output variable is the familiarity of mode: very...
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    Missing values syntax- skip pattern survey

    HI. I am trying to look at the relation between smartphone use and app use and mode choice for a class assignment. I have some data which I got from an online forum , but the questions were skipped pattern. So how do I write a syntax for skip pattern in spss to define the value as missing...