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    Comparing two different variables

    Hi everyone I was wondering how to compare the difference between two variables measured within one group. For instance, all subjects were asked how much they like oranges and then, how much they like apples. Now, I want to know what fruit they like more. It seems intuitive to use a paired...
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    Assessing ordinal interactions

    Hi everyone I performed a 2X3 ANOVA and got an ordinal interaction. One variable was pre/post treatment and the other was type of measurement. The thing is, all p's are significant (p<0.001). So, how can I tell if there are differences in the significant differences? That is, all measurements...
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    Confidence interval in inter-rater reliability

    Hi everyone So I used SPSS to calculate inter-rater reliability. To my surprise, the value was not in the middle of the range of the confidence interval. For example, the reliability was 0.667 while the lower bound was 0.604 and the upper bound is 0.720 How can this be?
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    Calculating the Y' variable

    Hi everyone. I wanted to see if my data could be described better with a non-linear relationship. So I calculated a new Y' variable, based on the coefficients I got from the regression model. Just to make sure I didn't make any mistakes, I rerun the regression, with only the new Y' as the...
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    Predicted R square

    Hello everyone While I've been looking for an explanation on how good adjusted r squared explains the data, I came across a term I havn't met before - Predicted R squared. Apparantly, I've been living all this time in a lie, and neither R squared nor adjusted R squared are good measures for the...
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    McNemar test for more than a 2X2 design?

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone was familiar with a test smiliar to the McNemar test, only with a design larger than 2X2. If so, is there a post-hoc test for it (like standardized residuals for chi-square test)? Thank you!
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    Multicollinearity in regression

    Hi everyone I encountered a strange thing while performing a regression. When I computed the variables for the regression I discovered some of them had a low Cronbach's Alpha reliability. So I decided to remove a few items from the questionnairs that they were computed from. Still, I computed...