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    What Statistical Tests should I run

    Also, I'm not entirely sure what the independent and dependant variables are, can someone confirm.
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    What statistical test should I run Study 3

    Research Question: With the increasing distance between Monsters' eyes and the centre of the face, the amplitude of viewers' saccades should increase as well, as viewers would move their eyes back and forth between eyes and face. Aim: Analyze the mean saccade amplitude (averaged across all 20...
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    What Statistical analysis should I run Study 1

    RQ: The mean proportion of fixations on the face across the 36 images should be larger for the Human and Humanoid than the Monster images. Demographic: 60 participants (within those, 20 university participants) Participants randomly assigned to one of three images (human, humanoid, and...
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    What Statistical Tests should I run

    What statistical test should I run for the following study Study 1: STUDY 3: Reasearch Question: Adults compared to children might adopt more sophisticated eye-following behaviours (i.e., better at looking the eye, and for longer times) as they are more experienced and advanced in...