1-way anova

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    Recognize wheter or not two distributions are independent

    Hello, I'm performing some tests using the same group of people under different conditions. All users have to perform the task with one set-up and then the same group of people performs the same task with another set-up. I was thinking of comparing their performances with a 1-way ANOVA...
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    1-way vs 2-way repeated measures ANOVA with missing data

    I have performed an experiment where I tested how long it took users to reach various points on table and their perception of how difficult the task was to perform under various conditions. The user used either a handheld robot arm, or a handheld wand to reach the required points. In addition...
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    Q: within-subject ANOVA with 1 subject vs. 1-way ANOVA

    Hello people. I became curious if there is any difference between: 1-way ANOVA in a single subject for 3 conditions, 5 reps. vs. within-subject ANOVA in a single subject for 3 conditions, 5 reps. That is, if there is only one subject, is within-subject ANOVA the same as just usual...