accuracy measurement test

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    Best way to say something about the accuracy of a measurement

    Hi, I'm an engineering student and encountered a problem to which I did not find a solution yet, and wondered if someone could give me the benefit of their expert opinion. I'm going to perform an experiment in which I'll cook an egg using standing electromagnetic waves, only for a short period...
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    Target Accuracy and Precision

    I’m a novice when it comes to applying statistics to practical applications. Sorry if this has been covered in another post somewhere. I compete in competitions where accuracy and precision is compared between two competitors. My question is... How many shots at a target are required to...
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    Accuracy of a measurement device

    Good afternoon, I am working with a device that measures the internal dimensions of a piece. The device takes 27 different measurements, each one corresponding to a different part of the piece. The values obtained range from about 130.30mm to 129.30mm, normally decreasing at each measurement...