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    Aggregate Loss Model (Actuarial Science)

    Question: Let S be the random sum of N independent frequencies {{M_i}} where N is negative binomial distributed with r = 5 and \beta= 3 and {M_i} is Poisson distributed with  = 3. Find F_S(3) Attempt: I know the formulas for these two distribution, but I am totally lost of how I...
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    Mixed Poisson Distribution Help

    Question: The number of accidents follows a Poisson distribution with mean 12. Each accident generates 1, 2 or 3 claimants with probabilities 1/6,1/3,1/2, respectively. Calculate the probability that there are at most 3 claimants. Attempt: E(N) = 12[\frac{1}{6}+2*\frac{1}{3}+3*\frac{1}{2}]...
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    actuarial regression work on R HELP ME PLEASE!

    hi everyone!!!!I really suck in R, its my first time using it and my teacher is acting like we are professionals!! so here is the data to import in R: k=25 url=paste("",k,".txt",sep="") db=read.table(url,header=TRUE) the...
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    P/1 Actuarial exam practice

    If anybody here is preparing for the p/1 actuarial exam then you may be interested in some practice exams I have prepared. The newest version can be found here 10 question practice exam. Some older exams are here Older stuff.