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    Crude rate and ASR in research

    Hello! New here. I am not a native english speaker so I’m sorry in advance if I make a mistake. I need clarification for Crude rate and ASR (age standardized raze) equasions. Part of my research is looking at trends in cancer and comparing incidence and morality rates country wide and state...
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    Age-adjusted P value

    Hi, I have a table of baseline characteristics of a cohort in which I have compared the differences between those with kidney disease and those without, using a combination of Chi-square test, t-test, or Kruskall-Wallis test as appropriate. How do I age-adjust the P values that I get from these...
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    How to calculate Age-adjusted means?

    Hi, Im interested to know how to calculate age adjusted means. I know that i have to build a regression model which is adjusted by age, but after i dont have anu clue. Appreciate if someone gives an idea.