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    Help with statistical analysis for physio research

    Hi I am an MSc student in physiotherapy. For my research study, I am looking to see the agreement between a patient's questionnaire and a physiotherapist estimate of the same score. So basically, the patient complete a ten part questionnaire, all scored 0-10. The physiotherapist sees the...
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    High correlation but different median scores. How can this be possible?

    I am writing a research paper. We asked the same patients to fill out a form at two different times. Data is non-normal. I used Spearman's correlation, which gave me a moderate correlation between the two scores. I also used weighted kappa and this too gave me a moderate agreement between both...
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    Triangulating multiple data sources of prescription information

    I am currently working on a retrospective database study assessing the real-world effectiveness of a medication. I am faced with a few challenges. I have 3 sources of prescription data: pharmacy records, E-Prescribe database, and medication reconciliation information obtained from the nurse's...
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    Agreement between raters who record the frequency at which they would choose options

    Say I have 5 raters and 6 choices. For each choice, each rater records a frequency from 0 to 100: the percentage of time they would choose that option. Is there any kind of agreement statistic that can accurately assess the concordance for this situation? The main problem, I feel, is that...
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    Reliability between sets - is the intraclass correlation coefficient appropriate?

    Hi, I am having trouble applying the ICC to data I have collected for my Masters thesis. I have collected 8 sets (of 30 samples) from 40+ participants. Data was collected with constant parameters for all participants in order to find the reliability of the instrument in question. (To clarify...
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    Factors influencing a nominal variable

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in this! I have a dataset set up with a variable, agreement (coded 0) or disagreement (1), for each case with several other possible factors in that agreement. These factors are continous or nominal in nature. My desire is to find which factor does...
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    Modified bland Altman- plotting difference aganst the criterion measure

    Hi all, I am measuring the agreement between a movement sensor that estimates VO2 in humans during exercise and criterion VO2. My supervisor advised me (and has done so in several of his publications published in high impact journals) to plot the difference against the criterion measure and not...
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    Measuring agreement between categorical and continuous variables

    Hi all, First post here. I'm currently measuring agreement between continuous and categorical variables that are also in different units of mesurement (and non normally distributed). I have physical activity measures from a questionnaire (low, moderate and high activity levels) and 9 measures...
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    Which ICC to choose if there are missing values?

    I want to say that I am really sorry if this question has already came up but after looking in different posts I could not find good answer. I have 1500 participants and their trust was measured so I have variables: - trust in EU - trust in giverment - trust in political party - trust in...
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    Multi-rater agreement statistic

    Hi all, This is my first post question. I have a question on multirater agreement. Raters are given a description of the condition of the each of the same 10 patients and are then asked at what time of the day (Overnight morning afternoon evening none) would their condition be of most...
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    Inter-rater Reliability With 3 Coders

    Hello, I have three coders who have rated 22 dichotomous (present/absent) variables for 15 open-ended responses. Is it appropriate to use Fleiss Kappa here? And if so, is there a unique syntax for such a case? Thanks to whomever can help, PG BAH, Psychology
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    Cohen's kappa or Fleiss kappa or both?

    Hi all, I am trying to compare 2 instruments, A and B, against the gold standard. The measurement outcome is dichotomous. 2 different raters, R1 and R2, each uses instrument A and B to rate each subject. So the data looks something like: ID, A_R1, A_R2, B_R1, B_R2...
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    Agreement statistic for 2x2 matrix with one structural zero

    I have two observers who watched a series of videos looking for gestures. They recorded the onset-time of any gesture they observed. An agreement was scored when the two observers recorded a gesture onset within 1-second of the other observer. A disagreement was scored when the one observer...