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    Deriving Chi-Square for contingency table 2x2

    Hi Given a 2x2 contingency table, with a b c d as the observed values and n as the total, I have to show from the fact that Chi-Square = Sum(((O-E)^2)/E) Where E is the expected value of the observed, that: Chi-Square= (n(ad-bc)^2)/(a+b)(a+c)(b+d)(c+d). I just cant seem to get there. Any links...
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    Forming a null and alternative hypothesis and then testing it.

    I am given the following data: Observation Wage 1 $8.75 2 $10.00 3 $10.25 4 $6.50 5 $15.00 6 $10.00 7 $8.00 8 $7.50 9 $12.75 10 $9.25 From this I get a sample mean of 9.8. A standard deviation of 2.51. My problem is the following: Use proper notation, write the “null” and...
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    regression analysis for very small sample?

    hello, my study is about "The impact of corporate governance on firm performance". my sample size is 5 compagnies i have 6 IV and 1 DV so my Q is, could i use regerssion analysis with such small sample size? if no, what is the best alternative to choose? thanks in advance
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    Alternative to chi-squared test needed

    Hi all. I need a goodness of fit test for a situation in which a chi-squared test isn't appropriate - where the sum of the expected values does not necessarily equal the sum of the observed values. For example, I have 5 cells each with the same expected value of 10. The observations for...