amos 19 latent variables

  1. stacy

    creating a complex variable in spss and amos

    how to create in spss and amos an unobserved latent variable that has 3 observable sub-variables ? it via adding all three variables or is there another way to do it exeple of a latent variable :
  2. F

    Entering panel-data (cross-sectional time-series data) into SPSS for regression

    I am kind of desperate as I dont know how to enter pooled data (I have data about 42 countries over 7 years per variable) into SPSS and then run a regression. So far SPSS does not assign the observations to a certain country and year and rather treats each variable as independent. How do I...
  3. A

    AMOS - saving a latent variable

    Is there any way to save a latent variable in AMOS? I'd like to get some descriptive information regarding my LVs and also want to use then later for moderation. Hope this makes sense, Thanks, April